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25 Icons: Harry Potter; Ian Somerhalder, Superman Returns

- 7 Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire
- 10 Ian Somerhalder as Harry Potter
- 8 Superman Returns


Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire:
01. 02. 03.
04. 05. 06.

Ian Somerhalder as Harry Potter:
08. 09. 10.
11. 12. 13.
14. 15. 16.

Superman Returns:
18. 19. 20.
21. 22. 23.
24. 25.

Ian Somerhalder is my Harry when I read the books or fanfiction and the same for Shauna (who is a model) she is my Ginny. That's why I made those icons.

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Tags: harry potter, ian somerhalder, superman returns
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Ian Somerhalder does make a good Harry, doesn't he? I'll snag #22 :)
Gorgeous icons! Took a bunch, will credit!:D
ooo! yes he does indeed...who is the new ginny? shes super cute!
Do you mean in the icons with Ian as Harry? A model named Shauna. All I know about her is that she did the Guess Fall '98 campaign with him.
Snaggin 8, 9, 10, 12, and 14. They're really hot! =D Will credit when used.
Was this from an Ian as HP photoshoot? Coz that's really odd.. in a good way of course..
Nope, it's all manips made by me :)

They're really cute, saving some! thanks! :)
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Very nice! I especially love #2 of Bonnie.
I kinda do the same thing...only it's Richard Roxburgh as Ludo Bagman...which should've happened, dammit.
Great icons!
oh snap! mucha love!

do you happen to have the original image of bonnie in number 2? can't say I've seen it before.
It's new! I found it on Bonnie-Fan's front page this morning.
8 10 11 and 12

so freaking gorgeous...well done!
Ian Somerhalder is such a fox and definitely makes an awesome Harry. I especially love the stubble. Man, I love the stubble.

Hehehehe. I actually met him once. A friend of mine was doing PR for this really lame teen club called Crush and she somehow got him there and I was like OMG YOUR EYES ARE BEAUTIFUL LET ME RAPE YOU. But anyway, I digress. Beautiful icons. I love the color saturation and the contrast between the sharp edges and the softer sides.

I usually don't snag icons with those itty bitty unreadable dots/lyrics, but for Harry Ian and Potter Books, I will make an exception.


Good icons.

How did you make those glasses, if you don't mind me asking.
I took them off Dan ;) Seriously any pic of Dan as Harry that had the right angle I need for the glasses I just copied them and erased Dan's eyes and skin.


12 years ago

Ian works as a great Harry Potter. Snagged #10. Great work :D
Love these - especiall the first bunch! Taking a few ... will credit.
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