visionaryicons (visionaryicons) wrote,

4 Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire
- 4 mini-movies


Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire:
01. 02.
03. 04.

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Don't ask for requests
Comments welcomed!
Tags: gof, h/g, harry potter, mini-movies
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Don't take any, but they're lovely though! great work!
They are just PERFECT!!!Soo nice!!I'm in love with them :p
I took #4 and I will credit. Nice Work!
i just wanted to say that your icon (HG and DM) made me laugh my ass off. thank you. :D



12 years ago

Snagged 3 and 2 .... goood job.......... will credit.
Great job Fez.

Snagged all. =)
Oh, they're beautiful...
Oh they're so beautiful! Taking #3. :) simply rule. Mygod these are absolutly perfect!!

btw: which program do you use to make those animated icons?
I use PS7 to make each frame, but I use Animation Shop on PSP7 to animate them.

And, thanks btw :D
took the first one. love 'em, thnx!
These are brilliant. Snagging all of them and will credit and give you mad props!!
I really love the style of these! Snagging the first one, credit when used! ^^
Oh my god, I fall down and WORSHIP you for Icon #1. *stares at it for uninterrupted minutes*

You rule. Case closed. My new favourite icon.
You know it was your new H/G mood theme that inspired me to do these! I was adding them through that panel thing one at a time and I saw the one for geeky, and Dan looked so adorable in that pic that I thought it would look great if it was made to look like he was looking at Ginny in her YB dress.

Of course that icon isn't finished yet (it's a pain trying to get both sets of colourings right - Harry's in the EH with candlelight, while Ginny's in the GH with a bright bluey tint) but yep, it was that mood set that definitely inspired me to do these!


12 years ago


12 years ago


12 years ago

OMG! These are BEAUTIFUL!!! Awesome. I'm taking 1 and 4. Althought I might wind up using all of them...
How hot are these?! I am snagging them ALL with credit!!!
I love these! Taking all 4, will credit.
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